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I’m pretty sure my heart went missing and Rooney is to blame . June 18, 2008

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There is absolutely nothing I LOVE more then to going see a band I like play live. I had been eagerly awaiting this past weekend’s Rooney concert at Irving Plaza since purchasing a pair of tickets back in the spring the day they went on sale. And that’s not an exaggeration either, I had my sis snatch a pair of tickets up as soon as they were available at the box office.

You may be thinking “Oh no, not a boy band… that’s so 1999.” But seriously, although they have a fan-base of screaming high school aged girls who adore them, these guys are NOT your average boy band. I’ve been a fan ever since hearing their single Shakin’ from their debut album, and their most recent album has been on frequent rotation on my iPod.

The California-based band is composed of lead singer Rob Schwartman, Louis Stephens on the keyboard, Matt Winter on bass guitar, Taylor Locke on guitar, and Ned Brower on drums. These guys have got it together and their catchy lyrics and sound that will keep you coming back for more. I love the whole retro pop rock combo they have going on. Like a blast from the past they sound a bit like classic bands such as the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Cars.

Sunday nights show at Irving Plaza kicked off the second leg of the bands Calling the World tour with opening acts The Bridges and Locksley. Check out their list of tour dates to see if there headed to a town near you. If so GO! I’m honestly convinced that it was the best $16 dollars I’ve EVER spent. The set included all of their singles, a mix of songs from both their debut album and the new one, as well as a few cover songs. I really wished they would have done a Beach Boys cover at the show, but I enjoyed their performance of a song “The Weight” by The Band. The guys are amazing live and a class act for sure. They let you bring in cameras to the show, keep their tickets and merchandise relatively low-priced AND do meet and greets after concerts. Honestly, what more could you ask for… Another album you say? Well according to Robby that’s headed your way next year. 🙂

Thanks to my sister for capturing this clip of some of “When Did My Heart Go Missing” on her handy-dandy Flip camera. Enjoy!