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Behind-the-Scenes of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida! June 27, 2008

With the release of perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of the summer, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida last week, its no wonder the rock group has been breaking sales records! The album had the best advance sales of any album in the five-year history of iTunes according to an article on NYTimes.com. And as if that’s not enough it was also the best first week sales of any album as well.

The secret to their success? Releasing their first single of the album, “Violet Hill”, for free on their website for a week and celebrating the release of the album with free shows in New York, London and Barcelona.

The UK band is the cover story for the July issue of Spin magazine. The feature gives a peek behind-the-scenes of the band’s latest album and includes interesting facts about the group. Example? They went by the name Starfish for their first gig, but then right before their second gig decided to change their name to Coldplay, which alludes to a poetry book, Child’s Reflection: Cold play. Had another band not rejected the name, it could have been a band named Starfish releasing one of the biggest albums of the summer last week! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or not, it is definitely worth reading the article which is posted on Spin.com.

Still can’t get enough of these guys? For more behind-the-scenes 411 on Viva La Vida check out MTV.com, where the band themselves give a track-by-track commentary on making the songs for the album. Find out everything from why the band decided to have an instrumental song as the opening track, which was one of the first songs they started to work on and which songs featured the band’s first use of hand-claps on an album.

And finally, to hear Coldplay’s new single, “Violet Hill”, head over to the band’s Myspace page.