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Katy Perry June 10, 2008

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I can’t think of a better way of describe upcoming singer Katy Perry, a 22-year old California native, then with lyrics from her own song “Fingerprint” :

“I wanna break the mold, I wanna break the stereotype/Fist in the air I’m not going down with out a fight/Effortless and I’m sitting on the sidelines watching/It pass my by/I’m leaving you my legacy/I gotta make my mark/I gotta run it hard/I want you to remember me”

She sure is breaking the mold and making a mark with her unconventional and sassy new single “I Kissed a Girl”. Her 80’s style songs with catchy beats are perfect for blasting while cruising around town this summer or for roadtrips to the beach. With other pop-rock tunes such as “Hot N Cold” and “Waking Up In Vegas” and her creative lyrics she won’t soon be forgotten! Her debut album One of the Guys is hits shelves June 17th! You can catch Katy rocking out on Warped Tour this summer.

For tour dates and more check out her official site: katyperry.com


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