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One Flew South June 5, 2008

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With songs and vocals that can be compared to both the likes of the Eagles and Rascal Flatts, the new Nashville-based country band One Flew South should be tearing up the charts in no time. When I first popped their disc into my CD player it was almost hard to forget that I wasn’t listening to the classic rock band the Eagles on tracks such as “Last of the Good Guys” or the popular country-trio The Rascal Flatts, whom they strongly resemble on tracks like “Life” and “Sara”. When the music award shows roll around I won’t be surprised if these guys sweep the awards for the best new country song or best new country artist. Working with songwriters such as Marcus Hummon and JD Souther their debut disc Last of the Good Guys is sure to be a hit! For more info visit their website: oneflewsouth.com


One Response to “One Flew South”

  1. candy Says:

    I/m with you!! We’ll definitely see these guys at the Grammy’s!! The CD is awesome!

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